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Do I need to login with a password to access the library e-resources, including e-books, e-journals, online articles and databases?

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You will normally be required to login to access the Unitec Library e-resources while on campus. The exception to this is e-books and ETV which requires registration.

For e-books login with your Unitec network username (eg smithj05) and password.

To register for ETV see https://guides.unitec.ac.nz/ETV.

To access the Library e-resources (including databases) you will be prompted to login - again using your Unitec network username (eg smithj05) and password.

A few library databases also require an additional password as well as your Unitec one. Click here to see our list of special database logins (you will be prompted to login with your Moodle login to see this list).

Please note the library e-resources all currently require the short form username but to login to your LibrarySearch (MyLibrary)account to view loan history, outstanding fines, request items or save searches you now need to use your full myunitec email address to login.

For more information about logging into Unitec Library's online services see this guide: https://guides.unitec.ac.nz/librarylogin